Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina is one of the main tourist areas of the island, with over twenty-two thousand inhabitants and an area of about thirty thousand hectares in a splendid environment and archaeological scenario.

The city's history is known as Norman of setting in Sicily unveiled by the numerous works of art, the traditions, the chronicles of the time and even the characteristic speech of Gallo-Italic Piazzesi. We know so for example the wars between Christians and Saracens, of revolts suffocated with weapons, the destruction of the old city and its reconstruction took place in the late twelfth century.

In the following centuries Piazza Armerina has lived all Sicilian historical events: the Swabian, the Angevin and the Aragonese, the Spanish kingdom, the Bourbon rule, the Risorgimento, and finally the more recent history that the older you are still witnesses. But is the city itself which preserves its past to reveal to the careful visitor, who, on a trip back to the time, will be enchanted by the splendor of the churches and monuments and the beautiful colors of the Villa Romana del Casale mosaics.

And the magic of past centuries will involve you walking the streets of Old Town; by climbing among the medieval streets, you will be amazed and admire the impressive bulk of the cathedral that dominates the city, the elegance of the Palazzo Trigona and severity of the Aragonese Castle.

You will discover the charm of getting lost in the dense and suggestive ups and downs of streets and alleys in search of elegant palaces and churches that hide behind every corner: just so you can say you have visited Piazza Armerina.


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