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Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 20 Km

Duration: 2 hours

The museum is housed in the former Capuchin monastery, built between 1611 and 1613, when it was administered by Father Gregorio da Castrogiovanni. The original architecture, including the church of San Francesco was restored in 1984, when the museum was established. You enter the museum through the church of San Francesco, whose nave is partly used as a conference room. From here, following the stairs you reach the crypt whose walls are covered with enterely grave niches.

The museum illustrates the history of Morgantina, from the Bronze Age to the Roman republican period.

The Morgantina site was inhabited since prehistoric times. The oldest remains that have been found so far are on the hill of the Citadel and date from the 13th c. BC. According to historical data, at this time the central part of Sicily was occupied by Morgeti, a people coming from the mainland, which is probably the name Morgantina. The calcidese colony arrived on the same hill from the valley of Leontinoi and founded his settlement. In 459 BC the settlement was besieged and destroyed by the Sicilians led by Ducezius. The new city was founded in the near Serra Orlando around the second half of the 5th c. AC, with the orthogonal arrangement that was used in the new Greek cities, whose testimonies are now very few. The period we are more aware of the part from the 4th c. BC. The city experienced a period of great prosperity in the 3rd c., Especially during the reign of Iero, which is demonstrated by the remains of the monumental buildings.

The agora, which was rebuilt after being destroyed in 211 BC, and the existence of buildings dating back to 50 BC, testify to the Roman phase of the city that later, in the Roman Imperial period, was completely abandoned. Collections. The materials displayed come from excavations by the American Mission of Princeton University and Virginia and the Superintendence of Syracuse, Agrigento and Enna as the 50s.The disposal follows both chronological and thematic criteria. The exhibition is supported by maps and explanatory panels.

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