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Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 22 Km

Duration: 3.0 h

"There are places throughout history, where time has left her voice and the truth of the mystery. In the heart of the Mediterranean, near the town of Piazza Armerina, is located in Casale the valley in which the skilled workers wrought stone, a witness to all the classic humanity. as the wind of time buried his remains, appeared in the mosaic squares a story in which it was sewed the echo of endless days. He composed the memory appearance and sings the song to posterity Ulysses, Ambrosia, the song by hunting and gathering, of giants and that of the empire without ever forgetting the human destiny, which in its most significant expressions remains a mystery ... "

The Villa Romana del Casale was built in the late third century and early fourth century AD in the midst of a system of large estates belonging to powerful Roman families who hunted or spend their holidays there. Some intellectuals believe that the villa to have belonged to a member of the hierarchy of the Roman Empire (a console), while others claim that it belonged to the Emperor M. Valerius Maximus, known as Herculeos Victor. Inhabited during the Arab domination, the house was partially destroyed by the Normans. Later, a large amount of mud from Mount Mangone, almost completely submerged. The first archaeological excavations at the scientific level and promoted by the municipality of Piazza Armerina, were made in 1881. The excavations were resumed again between 1935 and 1939, and finally, with the intervention of the Sicilian Region, the entire complex it was opened in 1950 thanks to the efforts of the archaeologist Vinicio Gentili. The morphology of the land determined the floor plan of the villa: a residential area can be divided around the large central peristyle, which overlooks the basilica. A representative area with elliptical peristyle (Xistus) and the great trefoil room (triclinium), and a complex of baths also look on it. The yard entrance porch acts as a hinge between these three parties.

The mosaics were created by different groups of North African skilled workers who mediated Alexandrian inheritance and Syrian. No doubt, that will be more appealing to visitors are the magnificent mosaics on the floors of all the rooms. They are so rich and varied that there are none of a similar caliber in the world. Despite the fact that nothing can give us a fixed idea of ​​the wonderful mosaic decoration of this fantastic villa, unique and mysterious, and that you can not describe in words what is beautiful seen only through the eyes, we would like, however, to offer the visitor a description and a key to understanding the immense tapestry of mosaic floors which form a priceless jewel in the history of art.

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